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The Dutch Life Sciences conference (DLSC) developed out of the Life Sciences Capitals Congress, organized in 2005 for the Competence Centre Life Sciences. Building on the impetus generated by the 2005 event, Iventus began the DLSC in 2007 on its own initiative. Since then, the DLSC's status has grown year on year. It is now a firmly established feature of the sector landscape, which returns each year!

Each year's DLSC programme is carefully planned by Iventus to maximize the event's value to the sector. Iventus works closely with a Programme Committee made up of experts in life sciences, drawn from the scientific and business communities. In parallel with the programme planning, Iventus recruits sponsors and selects conference partners – always with the aim of securing optimum mutual benefit. Synergy, knowledge sharing and new opportunities are invariably central to the realization of that objective.

Participant registration and conference administration are handled entirely in house, enabling Iventus to deliver bespoke packages. Iventus also arranges venues, handles all aspects of production and provides a full communication service. The result is a cohesive, seamless event experience.