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Plants and organic waste streams thereof contain valuable plant compounds. The Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds develops commercial applications for these plant compounds. The center puts horticulture businesses in contact with enterprises that can make economic use from plant compounds. Knowledge gathered from researchers, growers and manufacturers is collated and disseminated with a view to realizing the untapped potential of plant residues. In addition feasibility studies are being performed and (inter)national public-private partnerships are being initiated.

Dr Leon Mur is the Centre's Managing Director. He founded the Centre and is responsible for strategy, communication, networking with stakeholders (government and industrialists from various sectors), setting up partnerships and consortiums, and accounting to financiers (EFRO, the Province of South Holland and the Dutch government). He is also founder and programme manager of the national extracts library project, which won an innovation award in France. Miranda de Regt is the Centre's Project Manager.

The Centre is also a regular publisher and host to an annual event and themed workshops dedicated to knowledge sharing and networking within the sector.