Dr. Leon Mur

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Miranda de Regt

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Team members

Profiel Astrid
Astrid van Leeuwen-de Regt

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Willy Tukker

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 Profiel Angelique
Angelique Verdegaal

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Our ambition is to play a central role in further development of the Dutch life sciences sector. We pursue that ambition by promoting innovation, knowledge valorization, investment and partnerships, particularly in the (bio-) pharmaceutical and green (biotech) sectors.

With those aims to the fore, we organize conferences, workshops and match-making events. We have an extensive network within the international life sciences sector and more than twenty years' experience, which we draw on to advance the goals of each event we organise.

At the point where an ordinary agency's contribution ends, our role is only just beginning. We seed partnerships to accelerate innovation and valorization. Our expertise is in the field of scoping, initiating and realizing cross-sectoral innovation. We catalyze the formation consortiums of innovative enterprises focused on the development of new products, services and markets.

In short, Iventus is a key contributor to advancement of the Dutch life sciences sector.

Rest assured
We provide a turnkey service that covers every aspect of event development and organization. And we have the insight, product knowledge and management skills to deliver consistently successful events, carefully tailored to your needs and objectives. As well as providing events for clients, we act as hosts in our own right. That generates expertise that is then at our clients' disposal.

Our dynamic professional team is characterized by its flexibility, commitment, efficiency and quality. From our origins on Leiden's Bio Science Park, we have built up considerable expertise and an extensive network in the life sciences sector, especially the agricultural, horticultural and pharmaceuticals industries.


Iventus founded by Leon Mur and Miranda de Regt in 2006.

Dr. Leon Mur
Leon Mur (1963) obtained a doctorate in molecular biology from VU University, Amsterdam, before spending ten years at international vegetable breeding company Enza Zaden. As Biotechnology Manager, he was responsible for the financial and operational management of various research and production departments including Cell Biology, Plant Pathology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Other responsibilities included the initiation and management of (international) collaborative projects, patents and licensing. He gained further experience and expertise at the Competence Centre Life Sciences, where he initiated innovative projects and advised start-ups in fields such as investment and business development. As project manager, he also organized many networking meetings, workshops, conferences and matchmaking events. Leon Mur is a generalist with expertise and an extensive network in the horticultural, life sciences and medical ICT sectors.

Miranda de Regt
Miranda de Regt (1973) has been an independent entrepreneur since 1994. For ten years she owned and managed SOS Secretarial Office Support. She sold that business in order to specialize in the development of conference concepts and the organization of business meetings. After two years, freelancing for clients such as Bio Partner Center Leiden, Competence Centre Life Sciences and Leiden Bio Science Park, she co-founded Iventus. Miranda is a true all-rounder. With considerable experience in various industries and an extensive national network, she has the ability to bring together people with wide-ranging objectives. She has contacts throughout the secretariats of various industries and experience in organizing all kinds of events. Whatever the service and administrative support required, clients can therefore depend on Miranda and her team to deliver.



Astrid van Leeuwen
Astrid van Leeuwen (1974) is an independent office consultant who runs De Regt Office Consultancy. Astrid is an integral part of Iventus's back office, often in the role of financial and administrative project manager. Outstanding analytical skills enable her to act as the bridge between extremely diverse disciplines. Astrid designs and administers Iventus's congress registration systems. She operates the Iventus Conference App and administration of the Leiden Bio Science Park Enterprise Association is in her capable hands. In addition, Astrid acts as project administrator for the Centre of Expertise for Plant Compounds. At Iventus congresses, she performs a vital production support role, handling on-site registrations, assisting speakers and preparing workshops and presentations.

Willy Tukker
Willy Tukker (1981) plays a crucial part in the organisation of Iventus. Willy is responsible for the secretarial, facility and administrative support within Iventus. At Iventus congresses, she performs a vital production support role: Willy processes on-site registrations, accompanies speakers, and prepares workshops and presentations.
With her extensive experience as a receptionist / telephonist, commercial / financial administrative assistant and secretary in various sectors such as banking, telecommunications, real estate and automation, Willy is a real jack-of-all-trades who makes the organization run smoothly.

Angelique Verdegaal
Angelique Verdegaal (1972) is an experienced graphic designer and the driving force behind La LiQue – the communication agency that she founded. She is passionate about effective, dynamic and clear communication. Angelique's success is built on engagement, versatility and the ability to see the bigger picture. Angelique designs Iventus's printed and digital media, including congress websites, iBooks, brochures and leaflets. Website realisation and administration are also Angelique's domain. It is her flair that brings to life Iventus's other congress material, such as banners, posters, bags and packaging. Angelique marries strong designs with striking images, grabbing attention for the message contained in the written material. Often surprising and innovative, her work is always inspiringly creative.


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